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Ishaana Patel, Age 8

Random how tos  by Ishaana Patel [Me!] 

Hi, 👋 I hope you like this week’s blogpost! Welcome to my how to’s! Here you will learn how to do things made by me! All these how to’s relate to my life, so that’s why I decided I wanted to teach you!  

How to make your Stuffed animal eat and speak 

Well, around 2014 [when I was two] My mom started getting me and my siblings Beanie boos [by TY.] I loved the owls. I used to love owls a lot in general. Anyway, we all adored the cuteness and gave the stuffed animals tons of love. Are mom continued to get us beanie boos and stuffed animals, but…… In 2016, the adorable McDonalds Mini beanie boos from Chicago had be the toy for the next 3 weeks, I think. We love Them and now we have probably 1,200 of the minis from McDonalds and TY and at least 5,000 of regular ones. We also have 10 or so larges. Anyway, if you really give the animal tons of love and spirit, it will become like a pet to you. In a good way. They actually start talking and eating. Here are the steps to the how to: 

1.Give your animal tons of love and be very careful with it. 

2.If you want it to talk you should probably give it some space. Also, you shouldn’t leave them in the hallway or something. If you have other stuffed animals, great put it next to them so it can talk to the other stuffed animals. If you don’t have ANY other stuffed animals, this will not work.  

3.If you want it to eat, you HAVE to leave the animal alone and give them privacy. Because It’s almost like a secret, they are keeping from you. If whatever you fed them has little shapes in it, that means they at. If their noses smells like whatever you fed it, that is also a good sign. Also, if you try feeding them meat, they WILL NOT eat it. It’s like eating your siblings to them. And you also have to give hem lots of love if you want his to work :} 

That’s it for this one! 

How to focus when you don’t feel like focusing 

For me, when I can’t focus, I WON’T focus. I’ll just goof off and secretly watch YouTube sometimes. But when I DO focus, I won’t stop focusing. I wrote this blog on a Friday, After school. And I wrote two blogs before this one.  But anyway, this one doesn’t really have instructions. The only thing you need to know about focusing is, when you can’t focus, just try it anyways! I get really stressed when I have a lot of work to do. Also, if you can’t focus even after you keep trying, listen to music! Don’t be embarrassed if somebody hears it out of your headphones or something. That happens to me way too much. 😂 I am obsessed with Billie Eilish:} 

How to pretend you are good singer while listening to you’re a song 

So, this one I pretty random, but it was the first thing that came to my mind. And, I am listening to my favorite song right now. My favorite song is No Time to Die by Billie Eilish. I’ve been listening to it for two straight hours. Anyway, I listen to music a lot, just like my mom. I cannot stand it when you are listening to a song and you really badly want to change the beat forever. Does that ever happen to you? It happens to me a lot and it happens to my mom sometimes. But not as much as me. Okay, now I am really going to talk about the actual how to. Well, I sing in the shower, [if music is playing] and when I’m working and listening to music. I wouldn’t do that if I was next to one of my siblings. You think your good, when you sing along with the song, but the thing is…… It’s not you that sounds good… It’s the actual singer-songwriter. Well, if you want to think that you are good, just don’t take you headphones, air pods or whatever off, and you will hear the singers voice and you think it sounds like you! Genius, right?! Yeah that’s what I thought…… Not really genius. 

How to not eat when you are hungry 

So, as you can see these are very weird, and… not normal. But that’s how I want it! 

Well, I haven’t at in like 6 hours, so for me that’s a long time. 

I’m basically telling you to do the same hack somebody already came up with, just for a different reason, and… yeah! 

So, first of all, first, how and why do you think this one is going to work at? 

Okay, so now I’m going to tell you why I chose to tell you and how it works. 

This might not make sense to you but, you basically just cross your legs and kind of like drop a tiny bit that way your sort of squishing your stomach. This might not make sense to you, but it works for me. 

How to make a good blogpost 

Okay, this is going to be the last one because this blog is nearly 1,000 words long and that is just too much for me to write. The good thing is, this how to is about how to make a good blogpost! This one is simple though. I’m going to be telling you about how to write a good blogpost where people know who you are. Like me. You know who me and my family and siblings are because they write like me, too. The only step is be yourself! And don’t copy things from other websites or newspapers or something like that. You can just change the words and stuff. Like what I used to do. Now I make up my own stuff. The last and most important rule is to pretend that you are talking to the reader. I make’s the post better. 

I hope you liked and enjoyed all my random how to’s! Bye! 

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