Trump v Biden

Ishaana Patel, Age 8

Trump vs. Biden: The big Debate 

Hi, 👋 I hope you like this week’s blogpost! This is mostly about Donald Trump And Joe Biden. Make sure you pay attention! I made a little quiz at the end :} 

Donald trump the republican president of the United States, was elected in 2016. Joe Biden, vice president of United States, from the democratic Party, was vice president [of United States] when Barack Obama was president.  

All about Donald Trump  

Donald, John, Trump was born on June 14, 1946. As if 2020 Donald Trump is 74. 

Donald Trump’s Children Include: Ivanka Trump [age 38 years], Tiffany Trump, [age 26 years], Eric Trump, [age 36 years], DJ short for Donald Trump Jr, [ age 42 years] and Barron Trump [ age 14 years]  

Trump has a wife has a wife, Melania Trump, [age 50 years] who was the first lady president of America. 

All about Joe Biden 

Joseph, Robinette, Biden Jr, was born on November 20th, 1942. As if 2020 Joe is 77 years young.  

Joe Biden has four kids. They include: 

Hunter Biden [age 50 years], Ashley Biden [age 39 years], Beau Biden, [died at age 46 years] 1969-2015, and Noami Biden, [Died at age 1] 1971-1972. 

Joe Biden is Married to Jill Biden, Former Second Lady of the United States. 

The Debate 

Everybody knows Trump is a liar! Well, I that because of how he acts, and because it is a “quote” by joe Biden. 

Watch this video. It is about one of the big debates That Joe and Donald had. Around three minutes and twenty- seconds in there is a part that I think is very Important. 

You will find he video when you scroll down a little bit when you use the link.  

Don’t cheat! It is time for the quiz! 

1. When was Donald John Trump jr. Born? 





 2. When was Donald Trump elected for president? 





 3. Pick 3 of the seven things Joe Biden is 


Multi billionaire  



Vice President 



4. What is Donald trump lying about? 

Joe Biden 

The White house 


Here are the quiz Answers!  

1: 1978 

2: 2016 

3: Male, Vice President and Democratic 

4: Joe Biden 

More about the Big Debate 

Why is there a debate? Donald Trump are completely different party’s [ Republican and Democratic] and really hate each other because they like and dislike different things. 

Both are extremely unfair, except the extremely part is just Trump. Joe Biden Isn’t Completely fair, like anybody else is, because he cares for all skin types unlike Trump.  

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are doing a big Debate to see who people think is better. 

Here’s another video you can watch about the big debate. 

If you are interested on this topic and 18 or older, go vote. 

Bye! I hope you enjoyed this blogpost! 

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