Aarav Patel, Age 12

Coronavirus: When will the nightmare of fall begin?
                The short answer is that it has already started. Yea, I know, I must wait I order to say that and say it when cases start piling up. But it is October, and, like the flu, thrives in cold conditions. However, what makes this virus outbreak so different than other viruses is that it can survive longer in the summer. So, therefore, and not surprisingly our highest case numbers were a week after Independence Day, the least social-distant holiday during the summer. But I have seen reports of what will happen, and Dr. Fauci’s warnings.                How come nobody listens to him anymore? Every time we don’t listen to his simple instructions to stay away from others, some far-right ding dongs just decide to throw a party and not wear masks at all and call it “restricting rights” or something. But you know what right you are killing for others. Their lives! So, when Dr. Fauci, who has 35 years of experience as literally one of the top doctors of the United States to essentially be careful so we can lower case numbers below 10,000… shouldn’t you be careful?                 The United States reported over 55,000 cases of COVID-19 yesterday(October 8), compared to 4 days ago, in which about 35,000 cases were reported. At that rate, by October 12 there will be about 92,000 cases reported, and on October 16 there will be over 150,000 cases reported that day. Also compared to 4 days ago, deaths there were at least 333 who died of COVID-19. Yesterday there was 928. So, that means that if it is increasing at the same pace, October 12 will have about 2,500-2,600 COVID deaths, and October 16 having about 7,200 deaths for the same stupid reason.                Uhm… hopefully, that is not true. GULP! But not kidding, please be careful, wear a mask, and do proper hand hygiene for your own safety. And I’m writing this concerned for my own health, in the last group of people to be in the “at-risk” column. I am not under 10, over 65, have normal weight, and the only pre-existing conditions I have are allergies, eczema, and asthma that I overcome when I was 8. These aren’t even relevant to COVID-19. But that is not the point. If you are reading this, please listen to me. One less person catching COVID is 100 more cases and a pair of dead bodies. You are one person, but thousands of just one person is an entire community.

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