Saranya Patel, Age 11

A couple of weeks ago my brother had an assignment due for a career investigations class. He was telling me about this quiz and how he had the same personality as some random celebrities I haven’t even heard of. It was umm… very interesting. I wanted to know what celebrities I had the same personality as so he gave me the link. The website was called There is a quiz you can take that takes less than 12 minutes(It took me like a little more than 5)There are obviously 16 personality traits Hence the name I would write them down but that would be really irritating to type 🙂

After you take the test there will be a page that tells you what personality type you are. It will take you through 5 sections: Mind, Energy Nature, Tactics, and Identity. For mind, it will tell you what percent extraverted you are and what percent Introverted you are. I am 51% extraverted and 49% introverted. If you didn’t already know being extraverted means you are talkative, social, and like being around people and Introverted means you are quiet, calm and like time to yourself. For Energy, it talks about  Intuitives and Observant personality types. Intuitives manly rely on the past and the future possibilities of things they imagine or see. People who are observant rely on facts and straightforward results. For energy, I was about half and half too. Nature is about how we make decisions and our coping skills. Tactics are kind of self-explanatory so I am not going to write a lot about Tactics but it is how you approach things rather by judging or fact .Finally there is Identity which is how confident you are with yourself. After it shows you your percentage of each there will be a start reading tab. There will be a bunch of informants you can read if you are interested then for the fun part…when you scroll all the way to the bottom it will show all the celebrities with the same personality as you!
For me, there were a bunch of people I didn’t know most of their names(probably 80s or 90s singers) but apparently Captain Marvel, a bunch of people in shows, and Elton John??? Also there will be a button that says “Why?” under some of them in case you are like me and want to know why Elton john has the same personality type as you. 

There website:

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