Saving lives- Raz kids A-Z 

Ishaana Patel, Age 8

Hi, 👋 I hope you like this blog post! This is about how amazing the reading program, Raz-Kids A-Z is!! 

So, we all know about Coronavirus, right? Okay, so I’m in third grade, and I have a lot of special groups, because I am above grade level in A LOT of subjects. In my special reading/Language arts/ group, we were all assigned a reading book called “Don’t wake the mummy”. But that’s not my point. Last year, when I was in Second grade, everybody in my class had a reading account. This year,my new teacher, decided she wanted to use Raz Kids A-Z, too. Everybody who was in my class last year who did not move, or anything was still in my class, because of Coronavirus. But, let me get to my point… be patient… Because everybody is still in my class, we all have all of our progress saved from last year, just different passwords, and owner of the group. Tonight, [ the day I am writing this], I was doing the assignment, as I saw a new update to Raz Kids A-Z… They had something new called‘Star donation’ . Okay, before I tell you what I found out what ‘Star donation’ is, I need to tell you what the stars are mean for. Okay, so, the reason why Raz Kids is called Raz Kids A-Z, is because the letters of the alphabet are levels that are leveled on the number letter they are. So like level AA would be the easiest level, because it is before the actual ‘A’. And like, ‘I’ would be the 9th reading level. Okay, now I am going to tell you what the Stars are and meant for. So, to get the kids motivated and want to read more, every time you read a book, you get 50 or 100 stars [it depends on the level] every time you do a quiz, you get 150 stars or 300 stars. [It depends on the level.] And every time you listen to a book, you get 10 stars. Every time you earn stars, Raz Kids get money.Because of Coronavirus, Raz Kids decided to use the money they make from the stars to feed people in need food. I was really shocked when I found this out. I donated all of my stars. All together I donated 150,000 of my stars! Yes, I know, I have a lot of stars. But not anymore! Now people in need have them! And the great thing is, more than almost 1 billion stars have been donated! You can Donate 1 meal for 8,000 stars, and 20,000 for a mega meal, which feeds more than a day worth of food for a whole family. 

How to use Raz Kids 

All you have to do to GET Raz Kid for your students/Kids, is use this link. When you use the link, press on “Raz Kids free trial” 

Answer the questions and it will make you an account! [14 day free trial] 

If your a teacher, and your student can’t find a book for schoolwork or something, all you have to do is find the book then press assign and it will give you a list of people to assign it to. Now you justhave to press the student Icon to assign it to them.  

Raz Kids also has also has other things you can spend your stars on. You have a Raz rocket which is your own personal room in robot space that you can decorate in any way. You also have an Icon that you can dress up and customize. You can also get pets and animals! I have a polar bear on my account:} Oh, I can’t forget about this. You can earn badges! I think I have 20 some. 

Another thing for teachers if you want your students to only be reading at a certain level, you can assign them a level that’s best for them.  

That’s kind of all I know about Raz Kids! 

Oh, wait no. There is one surprising thing… Whenever you go to the Raz Kids website, it say how many books have been read since it begun. There are over 10 billion reads! Okay, well I guess that’s the end! 


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