How to Write a Blog Post

Ishaana Patel, Age 8

How to write a good professional blogpost 

Hi, 👋I hope you like this week’s blogpost! If you are looking on how to write a good blogpost that people know it is you, that is somewhere on page 4 or something[ on the website] I don’t know. I made it in May 😁. Welcome to how to write a good blogpost! 

You know I write in a non- professional way because I like it, so I will still be writing non-professionally.  

When you are looking to write a good professional blogpost, the first thing you should do is write a draft for it. You should do this because if you wanted to write professionally, you should use super random professional words [at least I think they are random and hard to understand.] It’s like Donald Trump and Joe Biden. They don’t like each other because they are different. Different parties. Also, if you want to know more about that, I have a blog from last week. Anyway, back to THIS blog. 

When should you use your punctuation or grammar marks? 

 The: “Comma”: It’s like if you were writing a story, and one of the sighed, to a breath, or was explaining something you’d put a “comma” which is this: ,. 

The period: A period is used when you are ending a sentence. After you use a period the first letter of the sentence should be capital. You don’t need to see the period. Everybody know what it is:} 

The colon: The colon is this: [the thing in front of after the word this.] Colon’s are used for when you are telling somebody an example, or in a situation when you are authoring a book, a character could be telling a story or just be silent or confused. You can also use colon’s for different types of faces like this: :}, :],:{,;[.  

The Exclamation mark: An exclamation mark is something you use after you are yelling, happy or excited, or trying to tell somebody something important. It looks like this:! 

Question mark: A question mark is something you use when you are confused. It’s also something you use when you are happy but also confused. That looks like this: !?. A question mark looks like this:?. 

Slash or backslash: A slash or backslash is used for when there are two words to use, and you want to put boh in. The slash looks like this:/. The backslash looks like this: \. 

Parenthesis: Parenthesis is used in math and writing. The parenthesis is used for If you want to make an after sentence, but it is something that you would not have to read. It’s basically where you or your character can write what are thinking.  Parentheses look like this: [,]. There are also brackets, which are used in math. Or it could be the other way around. It doesn’t really matter. 

How should I write my paragraph’s? 

This will only be a few sentences. Just like your paragraph should be. A paragraph is 4-10 sentences. This is just a random example, but say your blog is going to be about tigers. Each paragraph would be about different things that tigers do, eat etc… But what if you were writing about a clock?! If you were writing about a clock, you write about time, and like, how it was made or something. 

So, your paragraphs would be all about your object or whatever it is.  

The steps 

Now, I’m actually going to tell you how to write your blogpost. 

This is only like maybe an easy 10 step thing. 

The first thing I think you should do is write a small draft. Normally I don’t do this because I am definitely not professional, but if you want to write something professionally it’s best you write a draft because before you write your final, it’s best to know your mistakes like spelling and grammar. 

That’s literally the only step! That’s the only thing you need to do to be a good writer! 

Oh, but there is one thing you NEED to know.  


If you absolutely CANNOT focus, listen to music! I do it all the time! 
Well, I guess that’s the end! 


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