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Hello, 👋welcome to this blogpost! I hope you enjoy! 

I took this video of me and my sister’s stuffed animals playing tag on Flipgrid! 📷 


… “I love Flipgrid, it’s so fun. It’s the best.”  

You might be wondering, “what is Flipgrid!” Well, in this blogpost, I’m going to be telling you all about Flipgrid, how to use it, and how awesome it is! 

Flipgrid is a recording website, and app for schools, or just for any purpose. It has so many things you can do when you record like, edit, draw, insert emoji’s, put a whiteboard on, put a background on, add GIF’s to your video, type on the screen/camera, and much more. 

To sign up, all you need to have is any type of email. To make your own Flipgrid page, you’ll need to Google Flipgrid.com, or just Flipgrid. If you Google just Flipgrid, click on the first link. Now that you’re on the Flipgrid website, tap on Educator Signup. It will ask you to sign in with a Google or Microsoft account. Click on whatever option you want to sign in with. When you are done with that, Flipgrid will ask you your date of birth, age of students, and Your Country. [If I were you, I wouldn’t enter your real date of birth.] Now that you have an account on Flipgrid, you’ll see on your screen that it says “Discussion” on the top. Underneath it, you will see the sentence: “Start a discussion by creating a Topic. Organize your Topics using Groups.” 

That doesn’t really mean much. Just making sure that you see the discussion thing at the top.  

If you are there, and would like to add a topic, you can press “add topic”, and create your own topic, search topics to add, or press on “discovery” to find more topics to add. You can also save topics you would like to see later.  

The reason I just wrote “website”, is because Flipgrid will not allow you to create an account on the app. On the app, you can only record, comment, and join servers.  

Do you want me to tell you all the AWESOME things about Flipgrid?! Well, here I go! 
Flipgrid is very helpful for teachers, mostly, but it can also be used for very fun reasons! 

In late August, around 10:30pm, my mom was saying goodnight to me, my sister, and my brother, as I had a fun and cute idea. I was thinking about potatoes at the same time I was thinking about that fun and cute idea. BOO YA! My mind thought. I told my sister and my brother to gather some of their stuffed animals, and I did so too. I had thought It would be so cute to have me be a teacher to our stuffed animals. And because I was thinking of potatoes, I had a perfect, funny teacher name. Ms. Potatoson! Yes, I know it weird. Potato with the word “son” at the end of it. My sister is one of those helper teachers who walk around your classroom and observe what the teacher is doing for their future. We couldn’t come up with a name for her, so we just called her Miss. Assistant.  


One night, in mid-September, [I think] I had an idea.  

I was thinking about Flipgrid, and how my previous teachers would have students use it.  

BOO YA! My brain thought the same way it did in August. I was going to create our stuffed animals a Flipgrid page for their fake school! 

It turned out being so fun. Me and my sister ended up doing Flipgrid’s all day.  

About 3 weeks later, our cousins started making YouTube videos [not real ones, they just sent us an edited video that they edited from an app] for their stuffed animals. After we saw them we were like, “Oh! Our animals do stuff like that to. They have a Flipgrid page for them to record videos for their teacher [me.] I assign them games to play, and stories to read. That sort of stuff:] Cool! My cousin wrote back. [Because we were texting.] She had known about Flipgrid because she used it for school, too. She decided to make her own Flipgrid page for all of our and their animals to record fake YouTube videos! They are always fun to do. A couple day’s ago, our cousins wanted us, and them to do a Flipgrid competition. They wanted each pair of cousins to make a music video on Flipgrid for their animals. It could be an existing song, or a song the animals make up. Our cousins are doing Kings and queens by Ava Max, and me and my sister are doing No by Meghan Trainor. 


Well, sadly, that’s pretty much all I know about Flipgrid! 

Hope you enjoyed, Bye! 

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