Saranya Patel, Age 11


Saranya Patel, 11 years old 

You don’t need me to tell you that 2020 is a year like no other. 

We had deadly wildfires across the world, murder hornets, a lot of important people dead, unemployment across the world, tons of violent protests, an election like no other, and I promise you I didn’t forget: a global pandemic because of our good old friend Covid 19. Oh and I could definitely keep going but I don’t think anybody wants to read a long paragraph about all the miserable things that happened in 2020. So I thought I would flip this blog around and write about coronavirus on a positive note  🙂 

Positive Effects of 202

  1. Before the coronavirus air pollution killed about seven million people a year.

The coronavirus brought cleaner air because of widespread shutdowns. Cleaner air not only helps the environment but it helps your protection from Covid. Also since there is cleaner air there will most likely have fewer deaths. 

  1. Virtual School is bad and good. There are a few negatives of virtual school, like how after a while your eyes start hurting because of the blue light and we learn less than usual. The good part is we get a break after a while of school that we usually wouldn’t get in person, sometimes we get out of class early if we are done with assignments, we get a longer lunch, and get more sleep.
  1. I don’t have as much personal experience on this one but, businesses had to learn how to be flexible and make crucial changes in order to stay open successfully.
  1. Since nobody has anything to do in lockdown people have been spending a lot of time with family. My siblings and I spend a lot of random time together. We spend more time at night together than in the day.  I am glad we are able to spend so much time together and I have siblings like them :]


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