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Ishaana Patel, Age 8

Billie Eilish 


 Hi! I hope you enjoy this blogpost! I decided to write about Billie Eilish because I am a HUGE fan of her! 

I will be writing different things about Billie Eilish, her songs, and her lifestyle, because my Title is just “Billie Eilish”. 

Billie Eilish, the terrific singer of Bad Guy, Bury a Friend, When the party’s over, You should see me in a crown and much more songs, has released a new song “Therefor I am” on 11/12/20! 

In the music video, Billie is running around an empty mall, [because of Covid-19] stealing pretzels, donuts, lemonade, chips, and fries from the mall. At the end of the music video, the owner of the mall yelled: “HEY, GET OUT OF HERE!” Then, finally, Billie runs away into the mall parking lot still with all her food. In the song, the most common sentences are: I’m not your friend, or anything D**n. You think that you’re the man. I think Therefore I Am. 

And, believe it or not, since the day Billie Eilish released the song, it has been #1 on Trending for YouTube [as of 11/13/20. I think it will be that same way for at least 4 days though:}.] If you want to see, or listen to Therefore I Am, here is the link. 

Did you know that Billie Eilish has unreleased songs?! I don’t know the title’s of every single song that is unreleased by her, but I know a few such as: True Blue, Limbo, fingers crossed, the hill, BAD [not bad guy], dancing on my own, call me back, Bad company, I hate myself, another stupid song, sHE’s brOKen, and so many more. And, yes the letters are like that in the cover “sHE’s brOKen”. 

All about Billie Eilish 


Age: 18 as of November 13th 2020 

Date of birth: December 18th 2001 

Billie lives in: Los Angeles as of 2020 

Family: Brother: Finneas Baird O’Connell, Mom: Maggie May Baird, Dad: Patrick O’Connell 

Full name: Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell 

Born in: Los Angeles 

Net worth: $6 million as of 2020 

 Zodiac sign: Sagittarius  

First song: Ocean eyes 

Latest song: Therefore I am as of November 13th 2020 

Billie Eilish used to be a dancer, until she got injured and she got knocked off her dance team. 

Billie Eilish has been singing since she was very young. She has been singing around the world since 2015. 

Billie Eilish was homeschooled. 

When Billie was only eight years old, she joined a children’s chorus team. 

Billie Eilish’s song, “Bored”, was in the Netflix movie 13 reasons why. 

 Behind the scenes from her music video’s 


You might be wondering how I know this. Well, here’s my answer! I found video’s of behind the scenes on YouTube. 

I haven’t seen a ton of them, but I’ve seen 3 or 4. 

Bury a Friend: 

In Bury a Friend, Billie Eilish is in a haunted hotel. She is a zombie, and she ends up floating at the end. 

How’d she float?! And how was she a Zombie?! 

To make Billie float, Billie’s manager’s put her in one of those spinny things you get to try out before you go to space or something.  

To make her a zombie, her manager’s made her eyes shiny [I guess, but there could be a better word] and bold when they edited the video. 

When the Party’s over: 

To make Billie Eilish cry black tears, Billie’s manager’s put tubes in her eyes that connected to her neck and mouth. That way, when she drank the black oil, it would go down the tube, and up to her eyes. 

All the good girls go to H*ll: 

In the all the good girls go to h*ll music video, Billie Eilish walks around during a fire after falling from the sky.  

There is nothing super magic in the music video, but it is still awesome. 

Sorry about this one, I can’t really describe it that well. If you want to watch, click the link below. 


Bad guy: 

In bad guy, Billie is mostly dancing the whole time. But how did they do it when those people had their heads in a bag of water and Billie broke the bag? 

Let me tell you, I have no clue at all. 

Why make fun? 

Billie Eilish haters are making fun of Billie and making meme’s of her after they saw this photo. 


Why are you crazy people body shaming an 18 year old for her body shape? 

Billie just wanted to go on a peaceful walk in comfortable clothes! 


Who cares what she wears?! 

Whether you care or not, she was born with that body and she looks perfectly fine with it. 

Oh, and for the people who think that body shaming a woman in not right, thanks for thinking that. I appreciate that. 

Why did Billie Eilish create Therefore I am? 

If you read the last paragraph, this will make a little more sense. 

Because of people body shaming Billie Eilish for the last two and a half months, Billie created a song just for her haters. In the song, she talks about being who she is. In the music video, she is at the mall eating junk food. It makes so much sense. The song is all about how she doesn’t care what other people think of her. That’s exactly why it is called Therefore I am. Because Therefore she is who she is. 

Therefore I am lyrics 

I’m not your friend 
Or anything, damn 
You think that you’re the man 
I think, therefore, I am 
I’m not your friend 
Or anything, damn 
You think that you’re the man 
I think, therefore, I am 

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