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Taylor Swift 


Hello, people reading this! I hope you enjoy this Blogpost! I am writing about Taylor Swift because she is my second favorite Artist. If you want to know my number one favorite artist, it’s Billie Eilish. Because this blog is about Taylor Swift, I’m only going to write like 5 things about Billie Eilish. So here goes one! 

In my opinion, I think Billie Eilish’s song Bad Guy, is very good, but it is overrated. A couple weeks ago, the Bad Guy music video reached 1 Billion views and has over that now.  

I think all of her other songs are way underrated. If you want to know lots of things and facts about Billie Eilish, I have a blog from last week that’s all about her. 

Okay, now back to Taylor Swift. 

So, it’s kind of late to say this now, but Taylor Swift released a new album in July named Folklore! 

The album is absolutely amazing and some of the songs remind me of rainy days! 

My favorite song from the album is Cardigan. My old favorite song from a different album by her was Shake it off. 

I read an article about Taylor Swift’s song, Cardigan and it makes a huge connection to the music video. 

In the article, there was a speech [I guess. She just said it], were Taylor was talking about her album and mainly about her song, cardigan. Everything in the cardigan music video relates to her life. 

If I was bad at explaining this, there is a YouTube video! 


When I watched tis YouTube video, the music video made so much more sense. 

Did you know Taylor Swift has unreleased songs?! Here are some! I’m not naming all, though because there are way to many unreleased songs by Taylor Swift. 

Your picture, Drama Queen, You don’t have to call me, You, Who I’ve always been, Wonderful things, You walk away, Under my head, Wait for me, Your anything, Timeless, Welcome Distraction, This one’s different, Tennessee, This is really happening, This here Guitar, Ten dollars and a six pack, Sugar, Stupid boy, Tell me, Someone just told me, Same girl, Scream, Ride of our lives, Ride on, One thing, Point of view, Pretty words, Not one day, Not of the above, My cure, Mary jo, Mr. Perfectly fine, Perfect have I loved, Lucky you, I’d lie, Anymore, Baby Blue, American Boy, Acting like a boy, Am I ready for love, Being with my Baby, Better Off, Bother me, Can I go with you, Break burn inhale, Castles crumbling, Closest to a cowboy, Cross my heart, Diary of me, Didn’t they, and so, so, so, so, so, so, many more. 😁 

All about Taylor Swift 


Date of Birth: December 13, 1989 

Age as of November 18th 2020: 30 years 

Family: Austin Swift, [brother] Andrea Swift, [Mother] Scott Swift and [Father.]  

Full name: Taylor Alison Swift 

Taylor lives [as of 2020]: Nashville 

Born in: West Reading, PA 

Net worth: $360 million 

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius 

First un-Official song: Lucky You 
First song: Tim McGraw [Official] 

Latest album: Folklore 

Did you know Taylor Swift’s Lucky number is 13? 

Taylor Swift used to live on a Christmas tree farm! 

Taylor Swift used to act on Broadway! 

My favorite Taylor Swift song: “Cardigan” Lyrics 

Vintage tee, brand new phone 
High heels on cobblestones 
When you are young, they assume you know nothing 
Sequin smile, black lipstick 
Sensual politics 
When you are young, they assume you know nothing 

But I knew you 
Dancin’ in your Levi’s 
Drunk under a streetlight 
I, I knew you 
Hand under my sweatshirt 
Baby, kiss it better, right 

And when I felt like I was an old cardigan 
Under someone’s bed 
You put me on and said I was your favorite 

A friend to all is a friend to none 
Chase two girls, lose the one 
When you are young, they assume you know nothing 

But I knew you 
Playin’ hide-and-seek and 
Givin’ me your weekends 
I, I knew you 
Your heartbeat on the High Line 
Once in twenty lifetimes, I 

And when I felt like I was an old cardigan 
Under someone’s bed 
You put me on and said I was your favorite 

To kiss in cars and downtown bars 
Was all we needed 
You drew stars around my scars 
But now I’m bleedin’ 

‘Cause I knew you 
Steppin’ on the last train 
Marked me like a bloodstain 
I, I knew you 
Tried to change the ending 
Peter losing Wendy 
I, I knew you 
Leavin’ like a father 
Runnin’ like water, I 
And when you are young, they assume you know nothing 

But I knew you’d linger like a tattoo kiss 
I knew you’d haunt all of my what-ifs 
The smell of smoke would hang around this long 
‘Cause I knew everything when I was young 
I knew I’d curse you for the longest time 
Chasing shadows in the grocery line 
I knew you’d miss me once the thrill expired 
And you’d be standin’ in my front porch light 
And I knew you’d come back to me 
You’d come back to me 
And you’d come back to me 
And you’d come back 

And when I felt like I was an old cardigan 
Under someone’s bed 
You put me on and said I was your favorite 

Behind the scenes from music videos 


The man: 

In the music video “The Man”,  there is this man who everybody thinks is ‘the best man’. 

At work, everybody loves him and cheers for him. Soon, the music video takes him into a train. The man is taking up everybody space and smoking. 

Now, the man is off the train and pees on the wall. His pee spells “The Man”. 

The man is now on a cruise like boat surrounded by girls while on a phone call. 

About 30 seconds later into the music video, ‘The man’ is sitting next to his little girl. Everybody was staring at him like “OMG IT’S THE MAN!!” 

So now, It’s basically as ton of things happening like parties and tennis, so I don’t need to talk about that part. The point of this song and music video is every female or male should be treated fairly. 

Well actually, this one was a very simple music video. In the video, ‘The man’ is doing a ton of stuff. The only question you may have is, who is the man? This may sound weird, but it was Taylor Swift! 

You might be thinking, NO. THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE. It’s not though! A ton of Taylor’s make up people put ne skin on Taylor, a new mouth, a beard, new hair, and everything! 

I know I said in before that it is pretty simple, but it isn’t but still is. 

You need to calm down: 

In the “You need to calm down” music video, Taylor first wakes up and makes a cotton candy drink. Her blender set on firer because she wasn’t paying attention to it. Taylor now walk’s up to her pool outside of her trailer with her cotton candy cocktail in her hand. 

30 seconds later in the music video, Taylor talks about not being a racist and not judging people being gay, and lesbian. 

This whole entire song and music video is about not being a racist. 

I don’t have many questions, but you may. I’m just going to name a couple of answers to questions you may have. 

To do the Cotton Candy cocktail part, Taylor’s music video people had her dump a bunch of pink cotton candy into a blender that already had water and huge ice chunk in it. That didn’t actually start the fire, they just used on of those fire ball machine things to light up the trailer. 

Blank space: 

In the Blank space music video, Taylor Swift is dating some dude. Then, later they get into a BIG fight. 

So basically this music video didn’t have anything super special and hard in it other than breaking the $20 million car and dropping the phone in the water. 

Shake it off: 

In Shake it off, Taylor is randomly dancing in a ton of professional dancing groups. She keeps on dropping her poms on the floor during cheerleading, she can’t do the splits in the ballet class. It’s a disaster. 

The only question I have that I answered, is how did they throw Taylor in the sky? Well, The two boys in the music video threw her and they put a trampoline under her so that when she lands, she will land safely. 

Well, sadly that’s all I have for this week! I hope you enjoyed! 

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