Why are Some Teens Obsessed with Slime?

Saranya Patel, Age 11 

You can never go wrong with a batch of slime.  

The gooey, stretchy, and sticky substance is a social media trend that caused a glue shortage all across the U.S. That kind of proves we are all a little obsessed with slime. But why?  

When you think about it us human naturally love squishing stuff. But in life, we have a lot of what’s called sensory sameness where everything feels the same like hard buttons and smooth tv screens and slime gives us different textures that help soothe and calm us. Rising stress levels are part of the slime obsession.  We still use the flight or fight method for stress but nowadays most stress is coming from school or work where it’s not appropriate to fly nor fight. After holding in all that physical tension it really helps to let all your stress out by squeezing something and that’s where slime comes into place. 

Now that you know that slime helps with stress you might be wondering how to make it well here’s how: 

How to make slime: Slime is a compound made of borax, glue, water, and whatever other random stuff people put in for fun because let’s face it nobody likes plain white boring slime. Most recipes swap out borax for alternatives like contact solution or baking soda. Mix them together and you get our good old stress remover slime. 

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