Women’s Rights

Women’s rights
Saranya Patel, Age 11
Everyone has something that they think is absurdly irritating. It might be something like when you order something creamy and gooey like Mac and cheese to go and the restaurant doesn’t put utensils. Maybe it’s when your pants have fake pockets. Mine is pretty broad but I find it irritating that in 2020 women STILL don’t have 100% equal rights to men.

My mom was telling me a few days ago about equal pay day. Equal Pay day 2021 is April 2nd.
That means if a man and a women had the same job the man could leave work and do nothing starting December 31st until April 2nd and have the same pay as a women working the whole time and that made me pretty annoyed.

Why does it get me irritated:
As if this year there are ONLY eight countries in the world that offer full legal protections to women and the U.S is not one of them. It is frustrating to me that some countries like the U.S can add the laws, but they don’t. The thing is in those eight countries with full legal protections for women, people actually did something about this problem. They didn’t just sit on there couch thinking “What a shame” because if they did nothing would have happened. For example, in 2017 women all across Iceland left work at about 2:38pm to protest. Women there earned on average 30 percent less than men! They left work at 2:38 to take out 30 percent of there day. After the protest, Iceland became the first ever country that required equal pay by law. Soon after a few other countries started getting nation wide attention and started making new laws for equal pay too.

Women in other countries should start getting what they deserve too. But that won’t happen until everyone starts doing their part to get news out there.

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