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35 things you didn’t know about Billie Eilish 


I have wrote about Billie Eilish in one of my other blogs. If you have already read that, you’ll know that I am a huge fan of Billie Eilish. Anyway, this blog is about 35 of the things you didn’t know about Billie Eilish. 

{1.} She has a tattoo! You’ve probably never heard this in your life. No one knows where it is. Billie released that she got the tattoo in her 2020 interview with vanity fair. In 2019 she had that same interview with vanity fair as she said she wanted two tattoos. This year, when she was reacting to her 2019 interview, she responded “I did get a tattoo. But you’ll just never see it on me.”  

{2.} She has over 30 unreleased songs. 

{3.} She’s had Tourette’s syndrome her entire life. 

{4.} SHE’S NOT GOTH! This is totally true. Just because she wears baggy clothes and makes spooky songs doesn’t mean you can just call her goth. She’s just a happy 18 [almost 19!] year old girl/women who adores music.  

{5.} She started creating music all because of her brother, and dance teacher. When Billie was younger, she was on a dance team. Then came some random day when her dance teacher asked her to make a song for the rest of the team and her to perform to. After performing that song, [Ocean eyes] Billie decided she wanted to continue singing. 


{6.} She is obsessed with high shoes/sneakers [at least she used too.] 

{7.} The when the party’s over music video is based on fan art. 

{8.} Her song “Watch” is in a Netflix original movie. 

{9.} Billie friend XXXtentacion was shot and killed. Since the death Billie has made more than 2 songs about the death. 

{10.} She doesn’t like smiling [for know reason.] People have heard that Billie Eilish doesn’t like smiling, but she just doesn’t like smiling for no reason. And I can agree with her. I’m a kid, and I don’t like smiling in pictures unless I want to! 


{11.} She’s a full out Justin Bieber fan.  

{12.} She doesn’t use autotune. She’s got a beautiful voice! 
{13.} She has Synesthesia. 

{14.} She loves riding horses. When she was growing up, instead of paying for lessons, Billie worked all day at horse place [whatever it is called.] 

{15.} She keeps breaking records. Billie Eilish was the youngest female artist in the world to be #1 on Billboard for the U.S and the U.K. She’s also made history as she won all four of the main Grammy awards at the age of 18. She also won on another award. 


{16.} She’s afraid of the dark. Billie Eilish has a very common fear. Darkness. During an interview with Rolling Stone, Billie revealed that although her exterior, she does experience ordinary fears.  Billie admitted she had to stop watching horror movies because she’s been having intense nightmares and having sleep paralysis. 

{17.} “When we all fall asleep where do we go?” is based on Billie’s dreams. 

{18.} Billie now eats only vegetarian or vegan foods.  

{19.} She used to have Invisalign [Just like me!] 

{20.} She used to be a [awesome] dancer. 


{21.}  Billie adores horror movies. 

{22.} Billie Loves Ariana Grande. 

{23.} Billie’s who family is musical. Her parents used to be actors [I’m not sure if they still are] and FINNEAS started singing at a very young age. Then came the day when FINNEAS just happened to have a for Billie to sing. Then Billie started adoring music even more. 

{24.} Billie Eilish was home-schooled. Her parents Maggie Baird and Patrick O’Connel wanted Billie and Finneas to be home schooled because of their creativity. When Billie was 1, she was playing piano just how I do. [Just so you know I don’t actually know how to play the piano I just play random notes and make something up.] 

{25.} In the ‘You should see me in a crown’ music video Billie actually put the tarantula’s in her mouth. 


{26.} Billie is a fan of the show “The office” from NBC. 

{27.} She has three middle names. Her full name is Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell. 

{28.} ‘Fingers crossed’ is inspired by ‘the walking dead’. 

{29.} She has A clothing brand with Takashi Murakami. Not Blohsh, a separate brand. 

{30.} She has depression. {NOT A BAD THING!! TOTALLY OKAY. Billie doesn’t have depression that much anymore.] 


{31.} She became famous overnight. 

{32.} Billie Eilish’s Instagram and YouTube channel ‘Wherearetheavocados’ was made when Billie was 10 making grilled cheese as she couldn’t find any avocados to go with it. 

{33.} Growing up in Highland Park, California, Billie’s family did not have much money and lived in a very dangerous neighborhood. One day their neighbors were caught for money laundering and went to jail. 

{34.} The cartoon version of ‘You should see me in a crown’ took over 8 months to finish. 

{35.} Billie Eilish used to have a boyfriend.  


More stuff about Billie 

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