Seeing I to I was a vision created by three young children who yearned to help themselves and the elder generation, whose company they immensely enjoy.  Their goal is to get everyone together, something they think kids do naturally until the world teaches them otherwise.

Meet the Team (from Top to Bottom):

  1. Ishaana Patel: Co-founder and Director of Art, Painting and Scrap Paper.  Ishaana brings over 5 years of artistic vision and messes to the “Seeing I to I” team and is enthusiastic about sharing her projects with her new friends. Ishaana loves using art to put a smile on people’s faces.Many of her projects involve using thick layers of paint, so recipients of her projects are advised to use caution when opening packages, as the contents may still be wet days later.
  2.  Saranya Patel: Co- Founder and Chief Executive of Personnel Management. An avid emoji user, Saranya’s chatty kindness will bring a smile to her new friends’ faces.  She loves hanging out with the older crowd, and wants her future birthday parties to have people of all ages. In her free time, she enjoys being nice and likes to narrate very long stories.
  3. Aarav Patel: Co- Founder and Mastermind of Budgeting and Financing. Aarav is proud to declare that through his hard work and perseverance, he has officially passed his mother’s math competency skills and can no longer rely on either parent to explain any math homework. He is excited to keep track of new changes to the site using his coding skills and math wizardry.
  4. Anjali Bindra Patel, Mom: Research Executive and Official Air Traffic Controller. Anjali was hired by her children to run the research and tech component of When her kids come up with a new idea or vision, she helps them translate their ideas onto the site. In her spare time, she drives her kids to various activities across town and tries to catch up on her morning coffee from last week.
  5. Pranav Patel, Dad: Devoted Well Wisher. A staunch supporter of “I didn’t ask, so please don’t tell me” philosophy,  this dad loves to stay out of day to day bickering amongst the kids. In his free time, he likes to carry his kids on his back and take naps, not necessarily in that order.