1. What is Esports?

Also known as electronic sports, esports is a form of competition that is facilitated through computer gaming. Most commonly, esports takes the form of organized, multiplayer online video game competitions. These competitions often incorporate live broadcasts with commentary and award prize money to competitors. Esports is also one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

2. Why is Esports Helpful to Youth?

Through Seeing-i2i’s Gaming Groups, young gamers learn the importance of mentoring older gamers, and gain confidence and invaluable leadership experience along the way. We offer a supportive community setting that understands the ups and downs of Esports, and help today’s youth build the qualities of teamwork and leadership to make tomorrow’s leaders.

3. How is STEM related to Esports?

Many students who participate in Esports take a deep interest in STEM fields, due to the deep technological nature of Esports. We are particularly interested in gaining more female gamers into our community, so we can prime them for possible future careers with STEM employers through our sister site, http://www.STEMcrush.com.

(If you are interested in learning how to “earn to learn” with a STEM employer, visit http://www.STEMcrush.com and register!

4. What do Seeing-i2i Esports Events Look Like?

There are a variety of players in each game, with a maximum of 4-6 for most games. Game times are usually between 30 and 60 minutes. Our events are usually held on Friday evenings or after school, with more weekend events planned for 2019 and 2020 in D.C. and Dallas.

5. Do I Need to Know How to Play to Join an Event?

No, absolutely not! Seeing-i2i welcomes players of all levels, from novice to expert gamers. The primary goal of our events is to bring youth and adults together in a community setting. Though there is a certain level of competition, it’s all friendly in nature.

6. Can Adults Join in?

Of course, the more adults we have to join our youth, the better! And see #4 if it’s been a while since you’ve played video games.

7. How do Esports Help Youth with Education?

Over 200 colleges are offering Esports programs for students and are offering scholarships for their participants. This is a new viable path to college for some who might not have considered obtaining higher level education in the past.

8. How do Seeing-i2i Events Help Youth with Social Skills?

Esports takes a massive amount of communication and coordination amongst athletes. It allows for a deeper level of interaction and leads to more efficient communication, arming them with critical skills needed to succeed in the future.

9. Why Now?

Esports is a booming industry with exponential annual growth. There are countless job opportunities rising up, outside of being a pro player. The Esports Industry offers jobs in streaming, production, programming, management and countless other areas.

Esports isn’t the next big thing. It’s the current big thing.