The team is looking for motivated individuals aged 14* and above for the following part time/work from home positions:


  1. Youth writer. Submit articles/posts for our blog that talk about intergenerational friendships, as seen from the eyes of a young adult.
  2. Tech advisor. Call current or future members and help troubleshoot anyone having technical difficulties with their computers, tablets and phones; help set them up to use Facetime, Skype, and logging in to our site.
  3. Social Media Ambassador. Become an ambassador and help spread the word about the benefits of intergenerational friendship! If you have a large or active social media following, this may be a great opportunity.


Please contact us if you may be interested in any of these positions for more details. All of these positions are flexible, part time (between 5-10 hours a month), and can be done anywhere you have access to a phone and/or computer.

* Virginia law requires minors who are 14 or 15 to obtain an employment certificate, which can be obtained at many guidance counselor offices at your local school.