Research on Benefits of Intergenerational Communication

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From Anjali:

(I really do like to read articles all day).

My kids’ constant curiosity and insistence to “change things” has inspired me to do better and learn more.

After my children seized on their passion and desire to connect with the elderly population around them, their insistence on diversity and inclusion rubbed off on me. Since their idea for the site took shape, I have been delving deeper into the world of intergenerational communication. The concept of intergenerational friendship is at once obvious and novel: it seems so easy and so beneficial, so why aren’t more people doing it? Maybe no one knows where to start, as our kids and I are still feeling our way around this idea too. We might not have a national movement yet, but as Rumi exclaimed: “As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.” In time, we hope the way appears for more and more of us.

Through this page and this site, my kids and I hope that you will join us on this journey to rewarding and enriching friendships for every generation. As my children continue to educate and inspire me, I will continue to follow their lead by posting links and information to works we have found to be particularly enlightening.

An intergenerational connected world can be formed, and we hope to do it one friendship at at time. With love, Anjali.

  1. One of the most inspiring quotes on aging comes from  Laura L. Carstensen PhD, Founding Director of the Stanford Center on Longevity: ” Older people have been very good at providing the kind of help that millions of Americans of all ages need: someone to pay attention to them. – From Laura’s book titled A Long Bright Future.
  2. ( This article gives great tips on how to break the ice and start a meaningful conversation)
  3. (This article struck me because technology certainly has its place. However, intergenerational communication could be the missing piece in forming tomorrow’s innovative concepts).
  4. By Clifton P Parker with analysis from Laura Carstensen PhD.
  5. TED Talks by Laura Carstensen (If you have not yet opened your heart to the concept of intergenerational relationships, these talks will change your mind).
  6. Hidden in Plain Sight: How Intergenerational Relationships Can Transform our Future
  7. (discusses the critical importance of maintaining and promoting social engagement).