Why Be A Video Gamer with People from A Different Generation?

How “Old” Would You Be if You Ignored Your Age?

The era of multi player video gaming is here. Gaming with people from different generations can help fight loneliness and depression, and you don’t even need to leave your house to do it. By gaming, you’re having fun and helping yourself and others feel like part of a community.

There is no rule that new friends have to be born in the same decade, or even the same century as you, and there is nothing wrong with video gaming, especially when done together!

Video games offer indisputable cognitive benefits and are socially interactive. Increasingly, players game online with friends, family and complete strangers, crossing vast geographical distances, as well as blurring cultural boundaries, age and generation gaps, socioeconomic differences, and language barriers.

How Gaming with Different Generations Helps Us All

What the Researchers Say

When older adults contribute to the well-being of youth, it cultivates a sense of purpose and extends benefits both ways, according to a new Stanford report.

Such relationships are important for society. They can help ensure that children and teens receive the kind of attention and mentoring they often lack, especially among the most vulnerable populations, the Stanford scholars said. These relationships also offer older adults opportunities to learn about new technology and trends, and experience the excitement of seeing the world through a younger perspective.

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