What if we told you that by playing NBA2k, you could help financially underprivileged youth find a friend, and even help them go from generational poverty to a middle class lifestyle?

Are you in?

Seeing- i2i is in the process of setting up bi monthly NBA2k gaming meets in DC, Atlanta, Cleveland and Dallas where youth will get a chance to teach older adults how to “up” their NBA game.

If you spend time with teens or young adults, you might have noticed a trend: A lot of these people are damn good at gaming. Like insanely crazy good.

Why is this relevant? Because e-sports is a HUGE deal. Over 30 major colleges and are already offering e-sports scholarships, and that number continues increasing. Over 2500 Esports jobs were posted in the first half of 2018 by 681 companies in 36 countries and 28 states. This isn’t a trend. It’s the future.

If youth help older adults learn to play NBA2k, youth can use their tutoring experience to land themselves esports scholarships and high paying esports jobs. And they can make friends in the process. Intergenerational friendships have a ton of benefits and help both generations feel a sense of purpose, perspective and belonging.

If you’re an adult, think about offering yourself up as a “gaming student”. You could be become a mentor, a friend, a professional reference, and the key to providing financially challenged youth with a new path to the future. You’ll also become a good gamer yourself, and maybe the younger people in your life will continue (or start) hanging out with you. (* not a guarantee, just a probability). You can make adulting cool again.

Are you a teen or younger adult in the D.C., Atlanta, Cleveland or Dallas areas who is a skilled gamer? Do you think you can help someone else improve their game, and help yourself in the process? If so, contact us. Come on, we’re talking about gaming in a cool office location with comfy chairs and free food and drinks. You get to be in charge and teach people how to game. And then you can take that gaming tutoring time and translate it into resume or college application experience. Not a second of time gaming with us is wasted time: it’s all for a bigger purpose- your future.

Hanging out and gaming with people from a different generation doesn’t have to be stressful or awkward. Gaming together can just be a good time. You can make friends. And talk basketball. And teach people. And learn. And have an actual reason to hashtag your pics #winning. Contact us, and we just might change how people think about gaming and friends.

A special message to the females out there: Ladies, we are done being marginalized. If you want to play, contact us. NBA2k should include the daughters, moms, wives, partners, girlfriends, grandmas, aunts, and the rest of us.

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How You Can Help

Are you an adult looking to learn more about Esports gaming, and want to help our at risk youth at the same time?

Are you already a good gamer and want you want to use your gaming skills to build experience towards a new job in the gaming industry? Contact us.