Seeing I to I is in the early stages of its development, and we are gathering support from NBA2k players, diversity gaming groups, streamers, volunteers, community leaders, and donors.

Once the program is launched, we will make it our mission to achieve sustainability and create long term impacts for youth who need it most.

Meet the Team


Anjali Bindra Patel


Anjali is a TEDx speaker (intergenerational friendships), lawyer advocating for equal rights, and entrepreneur. She is also the mom of three basketball fans, and bleeds CLE blood. She is also an Esports Advocate who believes that Esports aren’t a trend- they are our future. Esports belongs to ALL of us and Anjali is working tirelessly to promote a gender and age neutral gaming culture.

Anjali has appeared on BeTheTalk Podcast for her intergenerational efforts, as was named Entrepreneur of the Week by Rebecca Jarvis (ABC NEWS) for creating

Within the D.C. area, Anjali has been recognized by various local news outlets for her intergenerational work, including FOX 5- WTTG News, Neighbors Magazine and Bull Run Observer.

She is also an alumni of Harvard Business School’s Entrepreneurship Essentials Program and has given a number of talks on the importance of equal access laws in the D.C. area.



Ekene Ishicheli

Ekene Ishicheli

Social Media Advisor

Ekene is a marketing consultant with proven success influencing target audiences via social media and online campaigns. She works with various businesses and entities to help them create, implement, and accomplish their digital marketing goals.

Sky Kumar

Web Designer & Developer

Sky also known as WOW Design, he’s having 10+ year of experience in web design & development, new and modern layouts based design, newest trends and styles, simple design that adressed what is wanted. Recommended to all businesses and entities to make their dream come true. (

Ishaana Patel

Co-founder of Seeing i2i Fan Club

Ishaana brings over 6 years of artistic vision and messes to the “Seeing I to I” team and is enthusiastic about sharing her NBA 2k projects with new members. Most of her projects include drawings of Lebron, who although he left CLE, is still loved at our home. Many of her projects involve using thick layers of paint, so recipients of her projects will have remnants of her work on their hands for days to come.

Saranya Patel

Co- Founder of Seeing i2i Fan Club

Saranya loves decorating Nintento Switch controllers, and she will be happy to glam up anyone’s controller. She’s also a future NBA gamer, already picking up some mad skills.

Aarav Patel

Co- Founder of Seeingi2i Fan Club

Aarav is an avid NBA2k gamer, and knows every stat on every player. Literally. It’s basically impossible to keep up with this future sports statistician.

How You Can Help

Are you an adult looking to learn more about Esports gaming, and want to help our at risk youth at the same time?

Are you already a good gamer and want you want to use your gaming skills to build experience towards a new job in the gaming industry? Contact us.